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Trouble Always Comes in Threes

Mr Bob Piper wanted me to tackle this, so I had better look lively. It's a meme of three :o)

1 Things that scare me
Knife wielding maniacs
Apologists for war-mongers

2 People who make me laugh
Paul Merton
Ronnie Barker
Arthur Lowe
(Two of these are dead - is that a problem?)

3 Things I hate the most
Things that could work well, but don't

4 Things I don't understand
Why it's getting harder and harder to open food packaging
Why humans bother to iron their clothes
Why I am doing this blasted list

5 Things I'm doing right now
Concentrating on this list
Struggling to fill it in
Consulting my lobster bride because I've run out of ideas

6 Things I want to do before I die
Grow old gracefully
Grow old disgracefully
See a recycling and rubbish collection scheme in Watford that actually works which I have visited via the integrated public transport network

7 Things I can do
Speak a little Bulgarian
Sudoko puzzles
Bugger things up

8 Ways to describe my personality

9 Things I can't do
Walk away
Play a musical instrument
Get up in the mornings

10 Things I think you should listen to
What your mother says
The voices of people who don't get heard very often
A nightingale in Berkley Square

11 Things you should never listen to
People who claim to speak on other's behalf
The little voice in the back of your head that says "chocolate"

12 Things I'd like to learn
How to sing
How to use an abacus

13 Favorite foods
I can't name a third because I will be committing carbohydrate crime

14 Beverages I drink regularly
Redbush tea
Does water count?

15 Shows I watched as a kid
H R Puffinstuff (I think)
Blue Peter
Dr Who

16 People I'm tagging (to do this meme)

Hmmm thanks Lobster! I'm onto it .... it will be ligh relief from cricket anyway!!
Oi! Did I see you tamper with that ball?

Great, world war 3 starts over a cricket match...

I dunned it, Mr. Lobster, sir.
It's good to see Britain is at last gaining some more influence over world affairs.

Well done for you list of threes!
You can speak a little Bulgarian? Very interesting. So of course I have a question - what does the Bulgarian name "Galia" mean in English? Or translate into rather.
Thank you Mouse excellent question. I shall use the full force of my lobster based search engine to go and figure this one out. I had a little check earlier and there seems to be some connection with "melon", but I'll have a look in my big dictionary to check this out for sure. Wikipedia also has a page, but its er... in Bulgarian. It will probably take me about a month to decode but I'll have a go.

Lobster Blogster is a lobster focussed search engine which can answer questions of an aquatic or a general nature in real time :o)
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