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Lobster Blogster Book Club

How do you get from:

British Ambassador to Uzbekistan


declaring to Tony Blair there "is a very comfortable cell for you at the International War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague"?

Perhaps the answer is to be found in Murder in Samarkand, Craig Murray's highly readable, very disturbing and entirely personal defiance of the War on Terror.

UPDATE: got the quotation a bit wrong so I've fixed it.
Hooray for Craig!

...and hooray for lobster, too.

I live in coastal Massachusetts and my next-door neighbor is a commercial lobsterman.

Sweet lobster goodness courses through my veins, baby.

Thank you Liberal Avenger. Nice of you to drop by.
Does it have to be comfortable?
I think that's just to lure him in, Your Worship.

Must listen again to the clip because the quotation looks a bit wonky.
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