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Drats! Foiled again!!

The lobster was planning to do a big exposé of Labour MP and junior member of the government, Claire Ward, this week, but its had to be put on hold.

This is because the Voice of the Delectable Left Kerron Cross, Labour councillor and research assistant to a Labour MP, seems to be having a bit of a "love-in" with lobster just at the moment, and it would be a shame to lose a blogging friend over it.

There is another reason, which is Lobster Blogster keeps putting off writing another dull letter to Ms Ward, this time to query what she has previously written with respect to no member of the government ever having signed something called an EDM. Actually it's not so much that the lobster's letter would be dull, it's the reply he's likely to get. The last time I wrote, mentioning that this rather fine stall would be on display at Watford High Street, the lobster got a four page reply with a very wonky history and analysis of the current situation in the Middle East. In summary, she wants a lasting peace, so it's fine for the two sides to bomb the shit out each other in the meantime.

Thankfully, some kind of ceasefire has come about now. To keep the peace with Kerron I'll hold fire on Ms Ward too. Well just for a little bit, anyway :o)

PS Just admiring this post when I noticed that my "Terror Level" indicator seems to have changed again. I put it up as a bit of joke, and never saw it change so I always thought it wouldn't. Apparently we are a bit safer now and the current level is Ernie/Bert.
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