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Airline Security Tightened Further

Laughing too much to reply properly. Priceless, love it!
But wait while I wipe away the tears.

Many a true word spoken in jest

It could yet happen ........
Fantastic! :-)))
With all these delays we don't want anyone left behind.
Oh no! There's a crack in the plane!
TRT, you know we can't bare your terrible puns.

Security is so tight now that you can't even carry a ticket.
Yes. They've abandoned passports in favour of assports, instead.

They'll still be inserting a microchip, but that'll enable seat-mounted readers to monitor all passengers at all times.

So remember, next time you visit the states, bend over and ask them for a stamp.
Ow! I've just remembered... they staple work permits and visas in there...
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