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Joined up thinking

Government thinking
Beckett rejects link between foreign policy and terrorism.
Ministers condemn claim by leading Muslims that Britain's stance is putting this country at risk.
Sunday August 13, 2006 - The Observer

Police thinking
Police investigate mosque blaze.
"We cannot rule out the possibility that this incident is related to the recent security threat." Assistant chief constable Steve Watts.
Saturday August 12, 2006 - BBC News

Lobster thinking
If you believe the government then there is no link between foreign policy and domestic incidents. If you believe the police there is a link between domestic incidents and racial or religious tension. The government believes its foreign policies are being calmly accepted by all groups across the world. The police believe UK residents can be incited to criminality by the recent security threat. Foreigners, it would seem, are sane and rational people who never react in anger or hatred, yet here in Britain that we have citizens who can be whipped up into a frenzy by the alleged actions of a few.

To a lobster humans all seem much as one. Is it possible that either the police or the government might be wrong about what pushes people to criminality? Could one or the other perhaps have a motive for wanting to distort the truth? The lobster would never dream of interfering in human affairs, so he'll leave that for you judge.
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