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New Ideas For Foreign Policy

Blair's foreign policy is now a threat to national security
Friday August 25, 2006
The Guardian

Has the Guardian become infected by lobsterly thoughts? After all it was less than two weeks ago that the lobster said "Is it possible that ... the government might be wrong about what pushes people to criminality?"

In fact David Clark at the Guardian goes somewhat further than the lobster by suggesting "only 1% accept the government's assurance that [our foreign policy] has made us safer... There are probably more people in Britain who believe in Santa Claus or yogic flying."

Pictured right is a member of the Natural Law Party who Lobster Blogster feels sure would be willing and able to help the government formulate a new and more popular foreign policy. We'll have to wait for Christmas if we are going to ask Santa Claus.
Well, I can tell ya I've got a whole lot more faith in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny AND the Tooth Fairy than any politician in the world today.

That either means I'm crazy or all hope for humanity is lost. How sad is that.
I'll offer you a third way EchoMouse. You're a realist.
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