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My MP tells porkers - does yours?

Lobster Blogster wrote to his MP recently to ask if she would sign Early Day Motion 2146. The motion is in support of a man called Brian Haw, who has been protesting in Parliament Square for the past five years.

The lobster's MP wrote back and said "I am unable to sign any Early Day Motion (EDM) because only backbench MPs can do so."

The lobster was happy with this until he came across a couple of things which contradicted it. During Prime Minister's Questions, an MP stood up and asked the Prime Minister to sign early-day motion 2519. When the lobster checked the House of Commons information sheet on this he found that the instruction was that "Ministers and whips do not normally sign EDMs."

So when my MP, who is a minister, said she was "unable to sign" "because only backbench MPs can do so", she told me a lie.

The lobster wrote her a second letter. When I quoted the two sources above and said that her answer "appears to be incorrect" I must have upset her, because in one paragraph she wrote "As you seem incapable of believing a sentence that I write...".

In her letter she exhorted the lobster thus: "If you would care to take a look at the Early Day Motion database you will find that no member of the Government has signed an Early Day Motion whilst working as a minister".

Well the lobster did as he was told, and looked in the database. It took the lobster about half an hour to find at least five members of Tony Blair's government who have indeed signed EDMs, the most prominent of which was Harriet Harman MP, currently Minister of State, Department for Constitutional Affairs, a minister since May 1997 who signed EDM 434.

My MP has clearly told me a second lie. I am starting to get her point about not believing a word she says.

The lobster doesn't really want to write back to her until he has found out just how many of the present government have actually signed EDMs. The lobster wonders if anyone else has examples of their MPs lying, and whether anyone should really care?

PS the lobster's scanner is bust, otherwise he would quite happily post links to the two offending letters here.
Perhaps she hasn't checked out the facts. Write back and put her straight. ( Keep writing back until you agree the facts. :-) )

You are a very political animal, Lobster. I don't suppose these MPs expect all this trouble from the sea bed.
Perhaps she hasn't Kat. One fact we have established is that the campaign manager for Naturewatch is equally ill-informed. She sent me a copy of a letter from him where he says to her I am aware that you are unable to sign Early Day Motions. Presumably this is to back up her inaccurate assertions. I must drop him a line to see what he thinks...
Ah, the flimsy excuses of scaredy-cat MPs who just don't have the nerve to write back and say, "Sorry I don't agree with you."

I imagine that most of us sea-creatures and land-dwellers alike would appreciate the honesty.
Just had a look.

Our dear defence secretary who obviously thinks the history of the Labour Party is more important than the protection of our soldiers.

Good one Louise. At the time he was Chief Secretary, HM Treasury - I'll add it to my list.
He shares this EDM with Maria Eagle MP, who was Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Children and Families), Department for Education and Skills at the time :0)
According to Brian Haw's site my local MP has signed - and he has also put his name to a further 1269 EDMs, including one about Winnie the Pooh's 80th Anniversary!

Phew! At least I wont have to tackle him about it when he comes to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our local community run shop and post office on Friday.
Plz to be sending me the letters to scan! Mine is working much good.

Poor, poor Claire. Lovely lady. She came round to see our fence once... well, the fence the railway people had paid a subcontractor to put across my garden.
She wouldn't have a cup of tea and a jaffa cake with us, though. Nice legs, mind you.

Did you ever get your fence sorted? A chap who lives near me discovered the railways had fenced in his allotment and he could no longer get on to it. Now he has to walk a very long way round to deliver manure.

Thanks for the offer of a scanner. Discovered that my camera would make perfectly readable copies, which I'll put up soon.

Got in touch with the chap from Naturewatch too. He's happy I publish his letter as long as I make it clear that the "MPs can't sign EDMS" line is a common perception which I am disputing. I'm happy to do that of course.

TRT and I both know that my MP has been a government whip for some time and jolly well does know what MPs can and can't sign. I've never seen her legs though, but the refusal to eat jaffa cakes and drink tea is highly suspect.
I had them remove it straight away. They'd used nice wooden panels with concrete posts (upon which I cut my finger badly, concrete can be sharp!) to hide the hideous silver spiked fence they had put up along the embankment. I do live in a "conservation area" and they were supposed to use green fencing, but they reckon that was too expensive, even though they used it next to Waterfields where the public can see it.

The whole embankment's slipping anyway. I have taken photographs regularly over the years and you can see the tree trunks sliding down ever since they cut down all the trees.
brian haw has kids, why doesnt he fuck off and spend time with them
Why not pop along to Parliament Square and ask him yourself?
Where did you find it? Interesting read »
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