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Quick Lesson In Spin Fishing

Suppose you want to make an annoucement, but your blog doesn't normally attract a great deal of hits.

Suppose you are left leaning, but not too far to the left.

What's a good way of making your annoucement?

1. Generate a brou-ha-ha via an anonymous comment (search for Kerron in comments) to a right wing blog (perhaps even chuck a guy on your bonfire to make a big smoke-signal).

2. Lots of fire and smoke gets you talked about. When you know you've be spotted, hide the original evidence.

3. Make you annoucement as planned. If you have friends in high places, they they can ensure the fire is correctly doused.

OUTCOME: You've generate lots of bad press for your far left adversary. There will be a few singed eyebrows on the right-wing blogs when they discover they were had (but they won't be keen to advertise the fact), and you can continue your original witterings...

PLUS you are now very well in with the new boss "After Blair Stands Down".

One or two pointers to help out those new to world of spin:

- apart from displaying a huge very sad smiley icon with a tear in its eye at the start of post, Mr Cross expresses no emotion about the fact he has been "threatened". In fact he seems quite unfazed when he says "Yeah, I don't think the problem is at my end on this one, but hey ho, there you go."
- Mr Cross doesn't actually apologise for what he has done. He stands by it, but has just pulled the post.
- The threatening "legal action" is that his foe 'reported me to the Chief Whip under new PLP rules' (both legal and action, geddit?).

Of course the lobster could be swimming up the wrong creek, but it was actually the old guy sitting on the bonfire who invented the "threaten to sue" line from Mr McDonnell. No lawsuits are expected to follow what is after all a story about the contents of someone's telephone answering message.
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