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Laugh along with Larry and Ernie

Larry and Ernie join us today for a little giggle.

Cute! I particularly like this one:

"When should a mouse carry an umbrella?
When it's raining cats and dogs!"
Lots of little giggles, thanks for that :-)
Hi Colleen and Pal, thanks for your comments. I thought it was a weak joke really, but I like the fact it had an animated lobster :0)
And he's got such a nice smile :-)
Hey up. He's gone again.
Is it his nuptials this month?
What's the story with all the B&Ws at the Junction, Lobster?
Hi, sorry to ignore you for so long TRT, but as Pal suggests my nuptials got in the way (ooh - nasty!).

Can you clarify your last question, I'm not quite sure I understand it?
Things at the junction have moved on. Now that they aren't using the area in front of the station for cars, couldn't they put some more bike racks in, clean the place up a bit, eh?!
Absolutely. Steve (from the Darby and Joan Club) thought Silverlink deserved an ASBO.

The problem seems to be that for Silverlink (and the Council) providing a decent service for passengers is the last thing on their minds.
The new ticket machine in there makes me laugh. It's the worst piece of design I've ever seen.

You can't read the Chip & PIN unit unless you are in a wheelchair / bending down.
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