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Top of the Pops

As a search engine enthusiast, Lobster Blogster is always fascinated to know if he is Top of the Pops or not. Of course these things change every day, so if you don't try them quick you may not see them working quite as the lobster does right now.

The Ice Man Cometh is my particular favourite at the moment, on MSN

Liberal Bananacrats is one I like to come back to. I like the way two opposing forces come head-to-head here on Google

Watford Traffic is a bit of a thing with some bloke called Martin on Yahoo


If you are feeling particularly naughty, try this one. I have a cunning plan to make Liberal Bananacrats the top search on their own website.
OMG! I SO need a bannana bike!
Here you are Scary, this one will suit you.
Hey Lobster! I see you get an honourable mention in the esteemed Watford Observer. Congratulations.
Thank you GW. I gather they are a pacy modern news gathering outfit, suitable for bringing all the issues to the news loving public. I give them another little plug here.
wait! what's that there in the background?!?!

I do believe it's a squabbit bike!!
Ok maybe it's a mouse bike
Oh yes Scary, there's a bicycle out there for everyone.
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