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...and finally

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Quite right too! You and your species have every right to design your own homes. Interfering humans!
Man, your popularity is just skyrocketing all over the world! So great to see one of your own make their mark eh? So, here's a question, if he's into decorating, is he gay? :)
Thanks Kat. I think Celebrity DIY House Lobster Doctor would be quite a snappy title.

EchoMouse, in Britain there are things called libel laws. To suggest Mr LLB were gay might possibly cross that line. I don't know actually, gays might well say that its not a defamatory term. Thank you for the condiment though.
Have you seen this fellow, lobster? He's a good candidate for the blogosphere's leading loony.
I believe you may just have a point Gorilla. While you are visiting Lobster Blogster please have the courtesy to keep your hands off my bananas.
Is this lobster one of your relatives? You seem pretty creative yourself, and obviously he is...

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