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Which is the biggest PITA?

A debate is now raging on Lobster Blogster, which has reached international dimensions.

It all started when
Echo MouseEcho Mouse said...
You've got Camilla to deal with. Isn't she a bigger PITA than Americans??

and then Nogbad went and said...
Nobody in this world or the next is a bigger PITA than your neighbours.

In the interests of fairness, Lobster Blogster is releasing these two images, for you the public to decide. Vote now to help choose who is the biggest PITA

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Ok given the seriousness of the matter, considering who is more of a world threat and danger, I'd have to say Nogbad's right and my neighbours (the USA) are worse than Camilla.

HOWEVER, once Shrub leaves office, things may improve for the entire world (we hope) and then all bets are off in terms of Camilla!
Forgot to add how interesting it is that the Pita bread so closely resembles Camilla pre-royal-family-funded-plastic-surgery

Now i'm surely going to hell for that comment but there it is.
The U.S. needs to take their noses out of the business, lives and religious practices of other countries...
I.E. The Middle East, Canada, and Europe.

I think there should be an EMBARGO of everything U.S.A. ( fuckers !!)

Get out of our lives God Dammit !!
take your conservative christian, democratizing bibles and shove them where the sun deosn't shine !!

Without a doubt - America is the bigger PITA...

I should know, I live in the US!

The politicians here are all on the new PITA diet.. have you heard? It's a new fad here!
Funny enough, I later came up with my own theory that the biggest PITA was home grown in the UK, there's no need to discuss it now, though.
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