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The Rotten Heart of Tory Blogging

Oh dear, the Lobster has been at it again!

Not only has Lobster Blogster claimed that Iain Dale is a fraudster and a hypocrite, now I've gone and called him irresponsible, and on his home patch too.

Then the Lobster decided to take on Dale's top blogging mate, Paul Staines. Staines spectacularly failed at college, then went on to create a fantasy political and financial career. It was the news that Michael White was to take on Staines, with Recess Monkey as the ringmaster that caused the Lobster to let slip his encyclopedic knowledge of Staines' career.

But isn't the real point about Dale, as he seeks the Tory nomination for the Maidstone constituency, that he has poor judgement? Dale has repeatedly heaped plaudits upon Staines, and has even co-authored a couple of books with him. But Staines proudest boast seems to be lying to the Tories at conference:
"I know this to be completely untrue because I made up this explanation at a press conference held to launch the Freedom to Party Campaign at the Conservative Party conference in October 1989."
"This, incidentally, is the most successful lie I have ever told."
You can wonder what attributes the Tories do look for when they choose their candidates, but do you really think they want someone whose proudest claim is my mate is the internet's biggest liar?

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