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Back to Basics

Lobster Blogster got back to his core mission recently, when he spotted this plea over at Tom Watson:
I’m trying to find out more about a company called Flying Lion Ltd. Do you know this company or can you point me in the right direction?
Being a dedicated, lobster focused search engine, this task was a doddle. Lobster did a quick bit of googling and came up with a whole list of references that Flying Lion Ltd run a particular Bermuda based aircraft. Tom's curiosity didn't end there and he asked:
Do you know where I might be able to confirm what the commercial cost of hiring a luxury Falcon 900 EX-42 private jet would be?
Without too much difficulty a website quoting luxury jet hire fees was located (perhaps Tom fancies jetting off somewhere for a few days, and is wondering if he can put it on expenses?). But all this did lead the Lobster to ask himself one question:

Where are all the Labour Research Assistants when you need them?

Over at Recess Monkey, the Lobster recently had to slap the wrist of Red Tamarin for copying someone else's joke about the back end of a bus. Clearly you won't get much work out of these jokers.

Then there's Kerron Cross, who when he isn't admiring his new beard, is taking photo's of his House of Commons security pass. Al Qaeda like tendencies if ever there were any.

So poor Tom Watson has to rely on passers by to do his research for him. Don't worry Tom, Lobster Blogster is here to answer your difficult questions, while your paid researchers idle their time away, and spend their time grumbling about MuffinGate.

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