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Some Light Amusement

Lobster fans may well be getting a bit bored waiting for Lobster Blogster to trawl through endless web pages in search of freebie flights. So here's a little bit of tittle-tattle strictly for your amusement only.

On 21st April 2006 David Cameron visited Norway. He travelled by private jet. Here's a picture of him sitting on the plane bragging about how he offset the carbon emissions.

And here's an extract from Mr Cameron's Register of Member's Interests from March 2006 to November 2006.
6. Overseas visits

22 March 2006, to Prague for meeting with ODS (Civic Democratic Party). Return flight provided by Flying Lion Ltd. (Registered 22 May 2006)
20 June 2006, return flight to Germany for World Cup match, provided by David Ross, a businessman from London. (Registered 21 June 2006)
28 June 2006, to Prague for meeting with ODS (Civic Democratic Party). Return flight provided by Jonathan Green, a retired businessman from London. (Registered 29 June 2006)
3-7 September 2006, official visit to India. International flights provided by Michael Spencer. Internal flights provided by Michael Spencer and JCB. Upgrade on outward flight provided by British Airways. (Accommodation provided by the Conservative Party for one night and by the British High Commissioner for two nights.) (Registered 19 September 2006)
20-21 November 2006, to Khartoum, Sudan, to investigate the humanitarian situation in Darfur. Return flight provided by Flying Lion Limited. (Registered 27 October 2006)
Can you spot anything missing? Yes that's right, Mr Cameron was so busy showing off his cuff-links, he completely forgot to do his paperwork. He may now be regretting that he had the Guardian along to record his every movement. Probably there is some entirely innocent explanation for there being no entry in the register. Perhaps he paid for the whole trip himself? Although at these prices, the Lobster doubts it. The plane alone would have cost in excess of £42,000!

HatTip: as soon as the Lobster saw this article, he knew the Flying Lion story had legs!

Update: to be fair to Mr Cameron, the Lobster's further research did find a newspaper article which said it's be been declared, nice and proper like. Not really sure why we can't all take a look at the official declaration on line though. The Lobster will try to bring this to you as soon as it comes to light.


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