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Evenin' All!

PCSO Lobster was on patrol across the blogosphere last night when he came across a clear case of thievery. Essex wide boy Iain Dale had posted this article about misplaced exhaust pipes, which bore a striking resemblance to Red Tamarin's offering at Recess Monkey.

After studying the evidence that monkey posted at 1.39 pm on October 24, 2007 and that gossip-monger posted at 11.26pm on October 25, 2007, PCSO Lobster swooped in to make his first ever arrest for the blatant web crime of "nicking someone else's stuff".

It didn't take much more than a flash of the hand-cuffs, truncheon, CS gas spray and Taser stun gun for Dale to be squealing like a good un', and on his home turf too.

His defence read:
That would be a tad difficult as I haven't actually looked at Recess Monkey for several weeks. However, I plead guilty to probably having received the same tip-off email. At least I slightly reworded it, which is more than he did!!
Word soon got out, and the simian knew he would soon have to squeal. His defence read:
I got it via email and then posted it on Recess Monkey, adding my own final joke. Not unlikely that Iain also got it via email and used much of the same wording.

The problem of blogging is that there is an expectation that you read every other blog in your genre/sphere constantly and therefore would know if anyone had posted a story already. I certainly don't - I don't have the time or the inclination!
Nice work PCSO Lobster, because Iain Dale and Red Tamarin have confessed in their own words to the crime of plagiarism, which as we all know is to pass of someone else's work as your own. Or in the words of www.plagiarism.org:
...plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else's work and lying about it afterward.
Two successful convictions for the price of one! Who ever said that PCSOs were a waste of time?

PS Talking of wastes of time, I wonder if anyone has spotted another little detail in convict Dale's evidence. He doesn't read the number one Lefty blog, from his own list of the Top 100 Left of Centre Blogs. If he can't be bothered to read his own recommendations, why on earth does he think the rest of us should be interested? Time to own up Dale, for the fraudster you are!


The words "you can f off, officer, come to mind.
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[typo fixed]

Iain: Tch. That's the kind of abuse that gets people banned from weblogs.

Lobster: When Iain says; "No I didn't nick it from Recess Monkey, I've never even read Recess Monkey, so there!" (or "I never said you were a nihilist. I don't even know what a nihilist is, so I'm hardly likely to call you one, am I?")... try reading his excuses in the voice of Vicky Pollard. Always good for a laugh.

This also marks the second time in recent days that Iain has clearly received something via email and not had the good manners to ask where it came from before publishing it as his own. His 'at least I altered the copy' defence is hilarious.
Dale: calm down. You know that resisting arrest is an offence.

Tim: nice to have someone with a full command of their language drop by. I have added Dale's blog to my hall of infamy. It seems a shame that conservative central office are unable to find people with the ability to distinguish their own words and ideas from those thay are parroting from other people. I have blogged on the general decline in standards in my follow up post.
Interesting view in your write up - not the way I expected my comment on Iain Dale's blog to be interpreted.

My intention wasn't to defend myself but to defend Iain from the accusation of deliberate plaigarism, which seemed unlikely.

The question of whether both Iain and myself are guilty of plaigarism is a different matter. I can see a reasonable arguments either way on that one. I suppose all I'd say is that I think we both acted in good faith, and that if we thought there was anyone worth crediting for it we would have done so.

Up to others to decide if our actions are reprehensible or not :)
Red Tamarin: I can see you mean well, even if you've not quite "got it" yet, so I'll treat you gently. I've also seen a further confession you've subsequently made back at Recess Monkey, so I know that you are applying all your primate brain to this.

Firstly, I'm not really a PCSO, I'm just prentending! I'm using the part of my grey matter called the imagination to have a little bit of sport with you two. Dale is notorious for pinching other people's stuff and pretending it's his own. I can't say I've ever studied your material, although I enjoy the antics at Recess Monkey from time to time. I caught you both out because neither of you had bothered to credit the source of you material. It doesn't matter if it's from a website, from a book, a letter, an e-mail or even graffiti on a toilet door. It's great that you enjoy other people's creative materials, and want to introduce others to it, but don't leave yourself in the position where you imply the material is you own. There's lots of ways of doing it: HatTip, from a "source", I read this, I saw this, someone showed me this. You both owned up be cause you thought copying each others work is the problem; it's not - it's copying anybody's stuff where the problem lies. Even people who send you stuff "anonymously" deserve credit (and I bet they are not quite as anonymous as you make out, it's just you don't know them - I bet they know you).

I hope my little lecture hasn't bored you, and the next time you write a post you engage the grey matter. See you around on the internet :-)
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