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Joining the Moral Majority

In the good ole days you might expect an old style villain to mutter something like:
"It's a fair cop, guv. I'll do me bird quietly."
as the cuffs are slipped gently around his wrists. But, sadly, in these post-Thatcherite days of Essex Man and used-car salesmen posing as parliamentary candidates, the crooks just don't want to own up when they've been caught, or accept the punishment for their actions.

And so it was that I had that Iain Dale drop by Lobster Blogster last night, effing and blinding, and generally bringing the good name of the Conservative Party (for whom he is a candidate) into disrepute. As a warning to all discerning bloggers, Lobster Blogster is adding a link to the said fraudster's own blog. In this instance "Top Blog" should be read as "Top Blog to Avoid" in the Lobster Blogster hall of infamy.

Please look at for the citation: Iain Dale - Essex Fraudster and Potty Mouth - which now appears in the left-hand bit of this blog. Avoid this man at all costs, he is a convicted felon on the loose! Or as the Lobster's friends in the moral majority would say:
"Cor, lummee, what is the world comin' to?"


I like Dale, if only for his authoritarian approach to the blogosphere. I don't know how many hits you get, but bring up Dale and he pops up and gives you some abuse/criticism.

Iain Dale is the internet cop par excellence.
ZinZin, I'm not sure we should be encouraging him though. His behaviour (most recently, copying without citing the source) comes from a combination of bad manners and poor education. As SuperNanny would say, by praising him when he's been naughty, you're re-inforcing his bad behaviour. On the other hand, I believe he needs a good long spell on the naughty step.
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