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A Fool and His Money...

The blogosphere is full of talk of lawyers at the moment. Nadine Dorries has blown a gasket, and is consulting Simon Smith at Schillings. Over at Mr Dale's, Iain is working on a massive job creation scheme for lawyers. He won't let on who he consults though. Even if the Lobster knew, he couldn't possibly tell you, because of client confidentiality.

It's made Lobster Blogster wonder if he should hire a top London lawyer too. The Lobster would go for somewhere that was handy for the tube, and with a nice bit of greenery where you can eat your sandwiches.
10 Old Square
Lincoln's Inn

Tel: (020) 7405 0758
Fax: (020) 7831 8237
Seems to fit the bill. They advertise on the net, so perhaps they are a bit short of work. Not too bad though, they were all booked up from about 9.30 am today, so maybe I'll try again another day.

By the way, does anyone know just about how much a top London lawyer would charge? I need to budget for my day out and the Travelcard will set me back £12.00 straight away.

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Thanks for the plug for my Chambers. Glad to say that we are not 'short of work' although if I keep commenting on other people's blogs I might soon be!
Not at all. It's a beautiful garden and I've sat and admired the architecture many times.
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