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Brave Englishman Removes Veil

Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw says he felt uncomfortable when people wore a veil, and has asked that for the sake of community cohesion they should be removed.

This man has taken the brave step of removing his veil. Read his story here...

Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff

Veil is an anagram of EVIL.

I'm surprised no-one else has noticed.
Er, and "live" TRT, but what's your point?
Here's another one: VILE!

the vile veil is live evil...
Maybe Jack Straw's quote was a typo...

"When Muslim women come to see me, I ask them to remove their evil."
You're correct Lobster Blogster you are a fool. I didn't call anyone a fool, I just relayed a useful saying but you chose to be offensive....says a lot about you!
Oh dear! I seem to have upset Kaz. However since Kaz believes that he/she can float round the internet telling lies I don't think I'll lose too much sleep over it :0)
Me telling lies?...please elaborate. You need to qualify such statements.
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