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Tony Blair Chased Across a Field by a Giant Squid

It's "open season" on Tony Blair at the moment, so Lobster Blogster thought he would join in with this aquatic observation.
He's been cutting the NHS psychiatric budget again, hasn't he?
Is that one of your friends, Lobster?

What makes you think we will get anything better if Blair steps down? I am afraid I couldn't trust any of them.
So happy I came across your blog
Rare to find something popular and political these days!
Either that or he's been on the speedballs, TRT.

The giant squid is not personally known to me Kat, but he seems to be performing a valuable service. Blair standing down is one step on the path Kat. Blair standing trial is an even better outcome :o) Perhaps an ASBO might calm him down until we can have a full hearing.

Glad to have you onboard City Slicker. You're kind words are appreciated.
Going bat hunting in Garston park tomorrow night...
I found no squids there...
Yarrr... A flagon o' grog beats keepin' a watch fo' bats, any day. Arrr...

Be a good thing ye not be goin' per'aps, as every time I ha' bin bat 'untin, some scurvvy dog not fit to scrape the barnacles from mi' bilge water ha' broken the lookin' glass off o' mi waggon. Arrr...

Mi heartie.
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