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Don't Forget ...

... to give someone you love a call ...
Fabulous. Nice tune too :-)
Do you think they have a file on Chris Tarrant and his phone a friend?
Lobster - I've found a word search for you - Here

They have got colouring pages, lobster stationery, and 'I love you' lobster door hangers too. You will be able to write to all those horrible MPs on the fancy lobster writing paper.
Glad you enjoyed it Pal. Not been following the Chris Tarrant thing too closely, but I understand he's divorcing his wife.

Kat thanks for the link to some lovely stationery. Just to clarify, I write to only one MP, she's actually quite attractive, so it's not her horribleness I challenge, just the daft things she puts in her letters.

Felt I needed to put that straight, as a Labour councillor in a neighbouring district described the lobster as "hating" the Lib Dems. I don't think I do, but I do think that what they say and do is bananas.
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