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36 Short

The Daily (Maybe) is on a mission to seek out the top 100 Green Blogs in the UK. The current list looks something like this. If you spot another one, please drop a line to Jim at his blog.

Alternative Energy Blog
Andrea Claire Smith
Andy D'Agorne
Another Green World
Blogging Green
Camden Kiwi
Caroline Lucas
Charlie Bolton
Chris Lang
City Hippy
Climate Denial
Croyden Greens
Cycling London
Dickon Edwards
Dispatches from the cat
Earthquake Cove
Easy ways to save the world
Eat the suburbs
Eco Echo
Eco Street
Ellee Seymour
Fairfield Life
George Monbiot
Grains of Sand
Green Ladywell
Green Living UK
Green Mummy
Green the Health Service
Greenman's Occasional Organ
Human Tide
Incurable hippie

Insatiable Yucca
Kitchen Witch
Little Green House
Lobster Blogger
London Cycling Diary
Mark Lynas
Matthew Sellwood
Mersey Basin Campaign
Metaphysics as a guide to lunch
Natural capital
Not a load of rubbish
Off Grid
Organic Jac
Paul Kingsnorth
Peter Tatchell
Richard Lawson
Rob Edwards
Ruscombe Green
Save the Ribble
Scorched Earth
Social Dynamism
Sutton Greens
The Coffee House
The Green Guy
The last tree
The Void
The Past; Present; and Future
Transition culture
Wild Berries

Blue witch?
Interesting site TRT, worth a look.
Hola. Officially, I'm 'Kitchen Witch', rather than 'Kitten'. Just sayin', is all. ;)

Btw, love the lobsterness. Very... lobstery.
Thank you for adding me to your "green" list of bloggers.
My first name should be Ellee.
Kitche Witch, thanks for dropping by and sorry about the mis-spelling of your blog's name. Hopefully it's fixed now. Lobsteriness is out speciality here, so thank you for the compliment :o)

Ellee, looks like I have another amendment to make. Thanks also for dropping by.
And lobsterness does seem to be a very fine speciality, in my view. The world should have more of it.

The Witchery would not be the same without the presence of one Mr. Crabby-Wabby, a 'bath scrubby' which, its label states clearly, 'is not a toy'. I like to think of him having Mr. Lobster-Wobster as a friend.

I know. I should get out more.
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