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... and of none.

A curious phrase has entered the nation's consciousness recently: "... and of none."

It is used by those who have imaginary friends, in order to refer sensitively to those who don't. It is used almost exclusively in the following way. Suppose you want to talk about everyone apart from those who believe in your particular imaginary friend. You would say:
"... those whose beliefs are of other imaginary friends, and of none."

Here's an example from Guardian Unlimited:
Faith schools
Junior education minister Lord Adonis outlined plans to encourage new faith schools to offer at least a quarter of their places to pupils of other faiths and of none, insisting: "There will be no quotas and there will be no bussing." He said consultations were continuing on a proposed government amendment to the education and inspections bill, allowing local education authorities to set the pace.

I guess that makes me a 'none' rather than a 'nun'. A none sounds a bit posher than nun, don't you think?
Well "none" made me feel as though I was missing out. But your comment has helped me see the light, and maybe I have just been mis-hearing all along.

I suppose it should read "... and of nun and of monk" if we are going to be politically correct :o)
have a nice day!


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