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Poodle summoned to Washington to be made fool of.

Do you think he has enough curly hair to be a poodle?

I know, I'm nit picking, and I can't think of a better description anyway :-)
Careful Pal, he's showing a couple of teeth, he might nip you.
Lol! I think he's heading in Jack Straws direction!
I can't fathom how he could be so close to Bill Clinton and then best buddies with the Shrub. Boggles the mind.
There was a point after 9/11 where it looked as though Blair had helped to avert WWIII by showing support for Bush and the USA. However his willingness to launch wars on false premises has blown this right out of the water.

Jack Straw got the sack as Foreign Secretary, probably because he had ruled out military action against Iran by Britain at an early stage in the current "nuclear" crisis. I wonder if he'll get the sack again now?

I think Blair could see a way of carving out a world statesman persona by cosying up to Clinton then Bush. Bush has really shown him to be a sucker though.
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