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Mr George W. Bush

The most popular picture which Lobster Blogster has ever included is this one of the esteemed Mr George W. Bush. Please enjoy!

Dear Lobster... You owe me for a new monitor.

"Well it doesn't say in the manual Do Not Use As A Dartboard..."
I just knew you'd enjoy this one TRT. He's looking his most "pointy" here I think.

By the way there's a new warmonger on the block who is a Newt. Naturally the lobster takes an interest. I'll dig a photo out of him soon.
Definitely very "pointy" indeed!
Way to ruin my blog hopping. (just kidding ;) )

Seriously, this man should be imprisoned for crimes against humanity.
...and lobsters :0)
He's pointing the way to Iraq. He's pointing the wrong way but nobody's noticed.
I usually enjoy looking at your pictures, Lobster but on this occasion the pic did nothing for me at all. Please don't repeat it. :-)
If you put George Bush into Google Images it comes up as the fourth most popular picture of him. I get loads of referrals every day from people, mostly in the US, who want to see the picture. None of them are in the slightest bit interested in Lobster Blogster :0)

It was worth a comment I suppose, and it also give people a chance to hurl abuse at the man. Oh, well, back under my rock I suppose...
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