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A word from under the sea

Hello, my name is Lobster Blogster

Please feel free to write in with either aquatic or general questions. I will do my best answer them, if I can't then we will have to wait until someone else writes in.
Hi Lobster B, Thanks for stopping by earlier with your advice!

Must have been a long trek to find the Art Shop in Bushey from the seabed! I bet those pincers are great for cutting card tho...
Do lobsters really mate for life?
We like scientists to believe that we practice serial monogamy - however we absolutely refuse to allow to let them watch us at it in the wild. I have to say that I felt your question was a little bit forward at first, however I can see that you run your own seach engine and I expect that one of your human clients has asked.
Aha.... It all makes sense to me now.

But I found the Manchester Buccaneers through Zoo magazine or something. Still found the site funny, even though Glazer has made me a very sad man.
Thank you Daniel
Hee hee. Lobsters are CLEVER! :)
Can lobsters blush?
Ich hörte, dass Lobsters Hobbies Fischen und Schwimmen sind. Kriegt er keine Erkältung? Wenn nicht: Ist das alles nicht ein bisschen langweilig auf die Dauer?

Online Translator for Liberal Democrats:

I heard that lobster's hobbies were fishing and swimming. So, doesn't he get a cold these days and if not: do these 2 hobbies ever seem boring to him?
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