петък, август 5


Peaceful Friday

First they ignore you,
They they laugh at you,
Then they fight you,
Then you win



You are becoming my most prolific poster.


But you are not funny.


Which means - you need to post only when you have something funny to say....


Or it will get embarrassing.

Sorry Guido, I thought your blog needed a bit of livening up.

How exactly would a 400 year old terrorist embarrass a lobster anyway?

This is the second time today I've come across someone who wants to boss me around. I think I will hide under a rock for a bit...
Awww.. don't hide under a rock Lobster! I think you are quite funny!

(sticking tongue out of mouth at guido)

:oP hee-hee.
Careful Colleen, if you upset Guido he'll come and blow-up your blog.
It's too much to expect someone to be funny all the time. I started my blog as I was being hit by inspirons¹ all the time and thought I should share. I intended to post one amusing item every weekday, but it soon all went wrong. Somedays there were no inspirons, so I resorted to remembering previous thinks, but my memory is worse than my dress-sense. So I thought "hang it all, I'll just 'blog whatever!" and 7/7 provided the excuse to not have fun any more.

¹ An inspiron is a sub-atomic particle of inspiration which interacts with the mammalian nervous system to trigger a thought or action. These come in a variety of 'flavours' known as queer, strange, angry, funny, black and blue.
I am afraid of that guido. I know how he talks about blowing things up, and I'd really hate to lose my lovely blog! OR worse yet - have things get EMBARRASSING!?!


Charming fellow, ain't he?!
He certainly takes a bit to get to know. I am trying as hard as I can to help him have some jokes on his blog, but it still seems really dull. Oh well...
I'm feeling a bit sorry for Guido now. Poor bugger.
He's OK. We toast him every November the 5th you know.
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