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Venues in Watford with 200 Plus seats

The Lobster has been tasked with finding a venue in
or around Watford to show Al Gore's film, "An
Inconvenient Truth". To make the exercise worthwhile,
the venue would be able to hold 200 or more people.

Possible locations are:

Vue cinema in Garston

Lecture Theatre at Post-grad Centre, Watford General Hospital
  - seats 100

Meriden Centre
  - seats 200 at a push, £150 to hire + £150 deposit
    7pm - 11.30pm, no tickets on door

Ruled out are:

The Colosseum
  - small hall is c.£800

West Herts College
  - completely unhelpful (as expected!)

The Pump House
  - too small, but could possibly work with
    two sittings

  - no longer let out function rooms

Watford Palace Theatre
  - 650 seats, c.£1,000-£1,500 - out of our price range

Need investigating are:

School halls
Church halls

All other suggestions will be gratefully received ;0)

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Project it onto the side of the YMCA
Thanks TRT, I'll add YMCA to my list.
Weren't there some counter-arguments to this polemic? Something about global warming causing CO2 rather than the other way round?
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