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Junk Mail

Here's a sad thing:


No one has signed the lobster's petition.

Oh, well...

If you want to read why the government won't be banning junk mail (as suggested by Kat below), read the PM's e-petition response here.

The lobster has had a petition rejected. See here for the lobster's proposal to make lying illegal :o)

Here's the "more details" bit of the unsolicited mail petition properly formatted:

The Prime Minister shall make it his responsibility to:

1) Set up a national database of UK addresses where the owner or occupier would prefer not to receive junk mail.
... a) Definition 1: junk mail
Items of non-addressed printed material which is delivered to an address, without the owner or occupier’s prior consent.
... b) Categories of junk mail which an owner or occupier may or may not chose to accept are listed at item 4) .

2) Require the Home Secretary to take responsibility for administering the database.
... a) by asking the Police and Security Services to address and to advise on issues of security, as and when they arise.
... b) by using the existing database, wherever possible, so as to minimise the cost to the exchequer.

3) Require the Environment Secretary to inform the operation of the database so that it works effectively at a national, local authority and local community level.
... a) by asking for the co-operation of existing UK organisations, bodies and groups who would be willing to participate in such a venture.
... b) by co-ordinating efforts to maintain said database, and to report to the government on the efficiency of the database.

4) Categories of non-addressed mail should include, but not be limited to:
... a) Commercial advertising
... b) Appeals by bodies of a charitable nature
... c) Information from a local authority where it under no legal obligation to supply (i.e. information about new services, regular mailings or brochures, surveys etc.)
... d) Material circulated by political parties
... e) Newsletters, petitions, advance notice of social activities and similar which may on an occasional basis be circulated by volunteers to a local area or neighbourhood

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A few thoughts and possibilities:

1. Perhaps people are a little reluctant to have their name and address stored in yet another government database.

2. The name Lobster Blogster obviously isn't your real name and maybe this is preventing people from taking the petition seriously. Why put your name to a petition when the organiser isn't even prepared to put his real name to it?

3. Perhaps people would prefer a law that prohibits unsolicited mail altogether.

Like I say, these are just thoughts - they may be nothing to do with the real reasons.
1. The current largest petition is to scrap inheritance tax with 113,020 signatures. If you want something to happen you have got to stand up and say what is right.

2. Are you sure Kat? OK, I admit it's not, but everyone I know personally knows my real name and that I blog as Lobster Blogster. I've had nicknames since I was plankton, and LB is no different form that. Incidentally I've signed four or five petitions in the name of Lobster Blogster, but I always give my real name and address. Er, and Tony Blair knows my real name and address, does it matter that you don't?

3. I prefer not to ban things outright. Some people are quite happy to receive junk mail, I'm very happy that they continue to receive it, its just that I would prefer not to get it. (It all goes soggy and jams up my letterbox :o)
I am not arguing against your petition, Lobster. I was just trying to help by thinking of reasons why people may not have signed it.

On balance, I think I would prefer a outright ban on some of the stuff. If people want to receive it they can opt in. I don't see why people should have the right to throw marketing material (and waste paper) at me from every angle.
Hi Kat, thanks. Just as your 2nd comment was posted, I was adding Update 1. above. Have a look to see why banning is not on the cards.

One clue to why no one has signed is the fact that I haven't actually promoted it as such. I got an e-mail Friday to say it was "live", but I have been visiting Mrs Lobster's family over the weekend, and this morning I was involved in a traffic study. This afternoon, believe it or not, I have to do some leafleting!
Hi. I suspect the lack of signatures to your petition is mostly because people know about the Mailing Preference Service and therefore realise that your petition is requesting something that already exists ...

I fear I have consequently been sarcastic about at my blog. I trust you will not be offended by this.
Jenny, sorry but no. In item 4 (as it appears on the PM's site), I specifically mention "non-addressed" mail, by which I mean leaflets and similar. These are not covered by the MPS. I am afraid the PM's site doesn't allow formatting, something I took up with Mr Blair by letter. I'll post up my petition in the correct formatting which should make it easier to read.

I welcome your sarcasm! Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit so I expect you are some sort of bottom dweller who spends their life in the dark, wading through other people's mess :o)
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