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Dirty Little Secret

Iain Dale has a "dirty little secret". Would you like to know what it is?


We all have dirty little secrets, you know lobster.
I love the menace in your comment TRT. Lobster Blogster leads a blameless life, and when it catches up with him he scuttles under a rock.

Dale is covering up for someone, by pretending he doesn't know about something. He's afraid of the shit that will be stirred up if something becomes widely known.
so what is it then lobster, i can't bear the suspense
Well it was the Paul Staines/BNP story. I found a moment when both Dale and Staines were accepting comments without moderation, and posted links back to my own http://lobsterblogster.blogspot.com/2007/02/tory-student-leader-in-racist-party.html
post. Both appeared in the comments but were later deleted. This meant that both Staines and Daley were aware that I had the story, but did not want a link back to it from their own blogs. A dirty little secret if ever there was one.

However, since that time Arfur Daley has accepted a link to the story on his post http://iaindale.blogspot.com/2007/03/wrongs-and-rights-of-tom-watson.html
(it was about comment censorship after all). I wonder if Daley and Staineboy have "had words" because now Daley IS accepting links to the BNP Staines story (but not talking about it) but Stainey himself is still assiduiously deleting all references to his "colourful" past.
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