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Tory Student Leader In Racist Party 'Link'

EXCLUSIVE: that Guardian article they are all talking about.
Update 1. Monday (Понеделник) 5th March (Март) 2007
The battle still rages on Wikipedia to get quotes from this article added onto the Paul Staines page. See here for the current page, and here for the discussion. Tip check out the history to see how several users are battling hard to whitewash Staines' past cleaner than clean!
Update 2. Wednesday (Четвъвтък) 22 March (Март) 2007
Iain "Arfur" Daley has allowed a discussion about the Staines/BNP link on this post. This should help to settle a few nerves of people who believe that by linking to a libellous story, they might also be commiting libel. It's nonsense of course (something which Staines is an expert at inventing). It's akin to saying that if your newspaper commits a libel, you are repeating that libel when you read the libellous article. Don't worry you're not. I'm just giving you an example.

Having proved one point that linking a blog to defamatory material is not in itself defamatory, it is now incumbent upon the lobster to demostrate his major point, that the Guardian 1986 DID NOT libel Paul Delaire Staines. Keep watching this space for further updates.

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The militant group, contacted by the BBC, refused to comment on the move.

The Taliban have so far insisted they would only talk to the US and other allies of the Kabul government.

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