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Yesterday, Lobster Blogster's missus dragged him down to see Alan Bennett's new play Enjoy, which is showing for the first time at Watford Palace Theatre. If you want to look at a fat old bloke having his kegs and giant white pants stripped off by two old birds who then spend half the play marvelling at the size of his erection, this is the play for you.

The play also includes a bird trying to get it on with her brother or sister (I can't remember which), shagging on stage and a little scrout who deserves a good kick in the balls pissing IN through the letter box. The scenery was naff, most of it had to be hauled off stage by the actors themselves, and most of the audience were ponces. Oh, I nearly forgot to say there was one good bit when the grumpy old git got a good punch in the head.

There is no evidence that WBC is actually going to close this FILTH down, yet. This is despite the fact that most of the cast are being very closely "monitored" during the performance. The end bit made me cringe, all I could think was that this is the sort of FILTH that liberal bananacrats would find funny, wouldn't they? Its got so much FILTH in it that I can't even be bothered to write into the wangly old Watford Observer and complain.

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Sound's good. I want to go now.

Just realised... my daughter's in the Youth Theatre there.

i should pack her off to a nunnery if i were you, girls are not safe out in the Central/Carnalland districts just at the mo.

i have a large collection of small silver coins which will need a docketted receipt: can you supply?
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