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Lobster Blogster May Get Relegated From The Premier League

Oh dear, the lobster seems to have taken the whole blogwars thing
a little bit to far when he accused Iain Dale of "preparing to commit
future war crime atrocities"
. Iain had just mentioned himself in
connection with Henry Kissenger, to which the lobster (in a very silly
frame of mind I might add) needlessly commented:

Lobster and Dynamite giggling

Dynamite was tickled, and now the whole thing has got out of
hand. Iain won't talk to the blogging lobster, even for the most
inane of comments. It is feared that the lobsters prized place,
squeezed as this blog is between the two giants of the political
blogosphere Jeffrey Archer [link not found] and Peter Hitchens, will
be lost. The lobster fears an immediate red card and relegation
to the Ryman League.

The lobster has been very naughty here, and says sorry for a
mischievous comment completely out context. Remember the
lobster never practices what he preaches, so let's all try and
make the marine blogosphere a nicer place...

Full story: Iain Dale's Diary: There's Only One Peter Hitchens

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Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
Yes, I know its a silly spat but he's still not talking to me.
Dynamite is right!
The Hitch v Hitchens crisis is a hoot, the like of which I never dreamt possible.

I'm sure Mr Dale will forgive you.
Careful, I'm on speaking terms with one of them, I can check what you say.
No, wide games.

Chalk mark on the telephone equipment identies an actual visit: interesting feature used to prevent kerb crawlers on, I think, three corners.

Chandos Road is the clue.
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