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Should this flag be banned?

To the right of the screen is displayed a flag very similar to that of the Nazi's. It's important to notice the difference between this flag and that of the image which was recently banned by the EU. Two of the verticals (NW+SE) are disjointed from the cross member by a few pixels. It's the sort of thing that could be fixed by polyfiller, a black undercoat, and then a final coating of a good Matt black paint. Remember to smooth the image down between coats. It is suggested that the arm to right and down (SE) should be replaced by an arm approximately 1/18 of an inch wider. I expect that some of our more observant readers will have already started work sanding the top upright vertical (N) in order to acheived a more finished look.

Any readers who may have spotted the finished article being circulated, are welcome to send them in to the Lobster for "treatment". If they claim to belong to an organisation called the BNP, please pass on this simple message: my dad was in the Hitler yuf, pal, then the German army, not Eton. he fought with a machine gun unit on the Russian front and was shot in the leg for his troubles. he spent the end of the war in a prisoner of war camp which was like Butlins after that lot. If you still fink your hard, drop round my gaff for an arm wrestle and a glass of ale.

For reference, the nazi flag supplied is 5 1/2 inches wide and 3 3/4 inches high (when measured from the flagpole side only). A full reference for the veracity of this article can be supplied via the British Library (Unusual) Collections §Пог§.

UPDATE !: the lobster now believes he lives within walking distance of the Furher bunker. He expects to have enough time to crawl over there to take a closer look towards the end of the week...

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