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Welcome to Watford

"... and of course our new pop up toilets. ... I hope that these small changes make a big difference on the High Street"
Mayor's report 21st November 2007

Yes they have Mayor Thornhill. They have turned Watford High Street into one long urinal. Pissing in public is now an accepted part of Watford nightlife. Liberal Democrats are shamefully turning our town into an open sewer.

Mrs Justice Lobster issued the following legal ruling at 7.00am GMT:
"The foolishness of Watford's Lib Dem administration now means that indecent exposure is legal within the central Watford drinking zone."
Clarification of the legal position means that Lobster Blogster will be sending out a National Media Alert shortly. Please stay tuned to Lobster Blogster for further developments as they happen.


Due to the Lobster happening across a very handy list of tourism contacts, and the dire need to make a pun here, the Lobster has revised his plans accordingly. A Members Survey and Worldwide Tourism Invitation has now been despatched. Let's make Watford High Street the venue for the world's biggest piss-up!

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