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I'm On The Council

A new service for all you blogsters out there is Watford Blog Council. Where ever you see this distinctive new logo you will know there are bloggers just like you and the lobster.

Current membership is:
GW, Future Mrs Lobster and Lobster Blogster

Membership is open to all proper* bloggers who blog in and around Watford, and to people who just fancy running Watford for a bit.

Vacancies: we will have no problem adding to the Council membership, but does anyone fancy being Leader of the Opposition?

* Proper is defined here as blogs where you can leave comments, not like the Banana People ones which are transmit only.

Well the first order of business will be to discuss the installation of a community focused 'Activity Wall' near the town hall. This will be the central feature in a zone of positivity which will involve the public more in local politics. Proposed uses for the wall include siting on it, banging heads against it and, obviously, lining people up against it for shooting.
Other wall based projects are expected to follow including the construction of a physical barrier de-marking the boundary of the AFZ.
Seconded. Next motion.
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