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Dodgy Dealings and Other Ways to Get Your Xmas List Done

Psst! Wanna hear some gossip?

(Shh..., keep this right under your hat.) PragueTory knows the gen on Cameron's visit to Prague March 2006. Either that or someone else in Hlavni Mesto Praha knows what went on, and is blackmailling PT.

That, Mr Dale, is top quality goss, the type that changes hands for a lot of money in the Lobster's home turf of Callowland. While we're on the subject of Watford Oligopoly, here's a quick run down of some of the other districts in Watford, and their dominant species:
The Lobster's real name is mud just at moment. Some yobbo has been mouthing it off down at the Customer Service Centre at the Town Hall. If you've spent three seconds googling and figured it out, like some very over-priced poncy lawyers, then feel free to stroll right into Watford and impersonate the Lobster. Watch out though, almost everyone on my "manor" knows me by name or by face, and the Old Bill certainly do, what "wiv me gettin' sacked from two jobs last Friday."

Lobster "white van man" Blogster and his darling wife, Mrs Justice Lobster, are off to the panto tomorrow evening at Watford Palace Theatre. Due to some "last minute" cancellations, we "just happened" to get two of the best seats in the stalls. Do come along too if you can make it!

Running a bit late, I know, but here is the Lobster's Xmas list:
  1. egg coddler
  2. drinking glass chess game - TJ Hughes
  3. badminton rackett - ASDAs
  4. scorpion darts (i.e. fake lobster darts) - ASDAs
  5. book - Sir Michael Dannett - biog
  6. Châteaux Le Vieux Cèdre - 1998
  7. Minervois - 1999
  8. book - anything by Thich Nhat Hanh
  9. you choose
  10. health, wealth and happiness
Have a good one if I don't see you before Christmas Eve!

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Allow me to help you. I did not live in Prague at this time and I am not being blackmailed.
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