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Lobster Finds Pearl in Oyster

Watford Junction has just joined the London Overground Network. Here's the official checklist for who needs to do what to get the Oyster Card system up and running for the long suffering Watford commuter.
  1. Get Oyster barriers installed - engineer - done!
  2. Get a stock of Oyster cards - admin clerk - done!
  3. Get a machine to issue Oyster cards - technician - done!
  4. Get the ticket office staff trained up so they can issue Oyster cards - station manager
So Lobster Blogster would like to add just one more thing, to help the whole process on its way

5. Charlie Johnson, Station manager, Watford Junction - Get off your fat arse and get your effing staff trained up, you idle twat!

While you're at it, you total waste of space, where is the signage to the disabled access/bicycle route to the Abbey Flyer Line, dick head?

Lobster Blogster - serving Watford's public with a smile!


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