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Liberals Lying Here

Liberal Democrats in Watford were forced to apologise recently when the Watford Observer noticed that the local party were making up quotes, and the attributing them to the paper's editorial team. Then they upset residents local to their party office by dumping huge volumes of their lying leaflets onto the pavement.

Lobster Blogster felt this all needed further investigation, so he went along to the party office to discover this!

Not only has a party activist driving L892 VFL illegally mounted the pavement where there are no dropped kerbs, it has parked on a part of the pavement clearly marked with single yellow "No parking" lines (the picture was taken at about 10.05 today, when the parking restriction is in force). Furthermore the sign in the window of their office just happens to be another lie.

Because the ward in which the picture is taken, Callowland, just happens to be the only ward in Watford where there are no Lib Dem councillors. We've got three Greens, thank you very much. And we've got a Green County Councillor, and even a Labour MP. Lib Dems winning here? They've never won here ever!

Lib Dems in Watford are liars - it's official. The Lobster read it first in the Watford Observer, but has been amused to see it quoted on Conservative Home, on Tom Watson MP and even little Kerron Cross.

Now I must look up the number for the party office and ask them where I can get help about illegally parked cars ...
The car would appear to be parked within the curtailage of the building and is not, therefore, illegally parked; it's on private land. However, the driver has committed the offence of driving on the pavement, a criminal offence dealt with by the police. However, the police will turn a blind eye to this because (1) they didn't see the offence being committed, and (2) they don't want the paperwork.
It's possible to get a civil action taken by the planning department if they regularly use it, because it's a change of use.

I've made a fool of myself pursuing these pavement parkers in the past.
Hi TRT, good to hear from you.

Look again my friend, I can see two wheels which are clearly on the pavement. However, I take your point about it being a waste of time trying to get the enforcers to take action. Bone idle wasters have never risen to the task in hand before, so there's little point in really trying to get a sticky envelope on the windscreen.

I did, ahem, happen to notice a rather interesting car parking pass or similar in the windscreen. I don't think you will be able to make it out at this resolution, but I did take the precaution of a close up. So I am curious to find out just who the owner of this particular gas-guzzler is.

Any body who knows, do feel free to drop the Lobster a line.

PS TRT, your blog is "members only" at the mo. If your still blogging an invite would be appreciated. Hope you are keeping well.
Good afternoon,

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Thanks for your message Yvonne.

Bloggers only communicate via their lawyers these days, I suggest you look up the legal notice in the sidebar on the left.

Ok, ok, I know you media types can be a bit slow on the uptake. My lawyer speaks only pidgeon english (Tok Pisin) and so it's under "Onepela Legil Notis" (trans. "a legal notice"). Let Tarquin known all the details and pop the cheque in the post (please make sure it's on waterproof paper).
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