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Watford's New Pantomime Dame

Here's a lovely new character from the Watford cast list. He works in "security", which he interprets as meaning that he's entitled to go around threatening people. He's a bit camera shy, which is surprising for someone in the film industry, but when he gets over this he will have a great future on the stage as a female impersonator.



Rare Sighting: Merlin of England

Lobster Blogster was very fortunate to meet the splendid Merlin of England during a visit to Avebury for the (delayed) spring equinox.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Merlin takes a keen interest in matters such as the threatened destruction of 106 mature trees at the Willow Grange site in Church Road, Watford. Merlin is available at the drop of a hat to assist in eco-demonstrations, especially if you have got his business card. Both Mr Lobster and Mrs Justice Lobster were thrilled to meet such a reverred character from English folklore, and a charming conversationalist to boot.

Beware Lib Dims, Merlin has a mighty big sword and he is prepared to use it!

Picture is copyright Lobster Blogster and may only be used by marine creatures on underwater missions.

Coming soon!

Lobster Blogster is working on a solution to the Identity Card crisis. The answer is home-made biometric photo-id cards! More of this when I manage to get my home broadband up and running again. Laters!

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