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Lying Staines has Libelled Honest Lying Staines

The big debate over a wikipedia at the moment is whether Paul Staines, the internet's biggest liar, has libelled himself. Apparently all those nutjob pamphlets he wrote, were written by someone else. Presumably this was another Paul Staines when he was off his nuts on acid.

Amazingly Lobster Blogster has found one sound reference for Staines' seminal work:
Staines, Paul. 1989. In the Grip of the Sandinistas: Human Rights in Nicaragua 1979-1989 Washington, D.C.: International Society for Human Rights.
Here at Louisiana State University.

Needless to say, the Lobster BSc Bristol 1984, has got in touch with the Louisiana State University to ask them to check the shelves of their library. The Lobster however believes it is very unlikely that Staines' later became the "UK secretary-general of the International Society for Human Rights and editor of Human Rights Briefing". In fact I nearly wet myself laughing when I read it. Staines himself has one well thumbed copy, but sadly Amazon says it is out of stock. An interesting feature of Amazon is that anyone can log in and edit the details of books. Perhaps the former Secretary General can find time in his busy schedule to log in and put in some valid ISBN numbers? My local library can find almost any book, but Staines' work defeated them.

Just time for a couple of quick notes:
The Lobster has led some silly lawyers a merry dance the last couple of days. When you've finished billing your clients, do remember to pop along to the IT department, and ask the what an ISP footprint might look like. I think you'll find that the chambers of Leolin Price CBE QC has got quite a big one. Do feel free to take a peek at Lobster Blogster from time to time, but I'm not sure you should be spending quite so much time blogging during working hours. Unless of course you just happen to be working for a silly man who dreams of power without responsibility, or his idiot mate.

Having mentioned the alma mater, I couldn't resist a quick: "Vidal says hi". If the apostles are still worshipping, it would be nice to catch up with you again. Happy blogging!

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FAILED COUNCIL: Lib Dems forced to admit no compensation paid yet

In a sensational new development at Watford Borough Council, Liberal Democrat Leader and Portfolio Holder for Financial Services, Revenues and Benefits and Planning and Development on the council cabinet, Councillor Iain Sharpe has been forced to admit, exclusively to this blog, that no compensation has been paid in the ongoing housing maladministration scandal.
He said:
"Cllr Wylie made it absolutely clear that compensation had been offered but not accepted."
Councillor Wylie, who is the Portfolio Holder for Housing and Human Resources, did indeed make it clear, but not until the council meeting on 21st November 2007. Lobster Blogster was the first to report the truth the following day. However the councillor did not make it clear to the readers of the Watford Observer on 5th November, when he commented on an inaccurate article published by the paper titled "Councils pay out £2,250 compensation". Despite the very first paragraph stating that an elderly couple
"...have received a £2,000 payout from Watford Borough Council."
Cllr Wylie failed to make the truth known. The Liberal Democrat cabinet member failed again on the 6th November to indicate that the newspaper article itself was untruthful. Cllr Wylie, who boasts:
"I am not one of those - if it goes wrong on my watch I front it and take the flack."
has made no effort to explain these glaring inaccuracies to either Lobster Blogster or the Watford Observer. Despite an unwarranted personal attack by Cllr Sharpe, Lobster Blogster will not be silenced, and says:
"Stop hiding behind the mayor's husband, come out in the open Councillor Wylie and explain yourself."
Oh, and to Councillor Sharpe I will say just this. It's not Lobster Blogster who has caused two years of misery to an elderly couple and cost the tax payers of Watford tens of thousands of pounds in failed a High Court action and Maladministration ruling. It is you and your incompetent Lib Dem administration. If you believe there's no cover up, why won't you let Wylie speak for himself?

The maladministration occurred between 2005 and 2007. Cllr Wylie has confirmed that he took on the Building Service portfolio only in 2006. This means that there is yet another member of the Liberal Democrat administration has failed to come clean about their role in this scandal. Lobster Blogster will of course bring you the name of the incompetent politician as soon as Watford Borough Council confirm the identity.

Update 21/12/07
Oh dear, it's not looking good for Iain Sharpe. Carol Chen, the Head of Legal & Democratic Services has now written to Lobster Blogster to establish that Andy Wylie was the portfolio holder for housing for both 2005 and 2006. So why didn't Sharpe correct this post from Lobster Blogster? It seems that cry-baby Sharpe is both a bully and a liar. The Borough Solicitor has also established that a the High Court Taxi fiasco cost the council £101,993 - you pay a high price for having a lying Liberal Democrat adminstration.

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Recent Scandals

There's been lots of comings and goings recently with bits and bobs on the internet being banned, data going missing and files being injuncted. Lobster Blogster is having a bit of trouble keeping up with it all.

Does anyone know if the following file is still injuncted?
If so then can the relevant agents please get in touch via my legal representative.

Please be aware that the Lobster's lawyer's first language is not English. Because he is based off the coast of New Ireland there may be delays in reaching him due to timezone differences and local tides. Lobster Blogster tries deal with all enquiries of a legal nature in a period of three to four weeks.


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Lib Dems Try to Cover Up Maladministration Decision in Watford

Watford Borough Council's Liberal Democrat administration, who lost a Judicial Review case in the High Court in June 2006, are desperately trying to cover up a recent ruling of Maladministration by the Local Government Ombudsman.

Responding to an (inaccurate) article "Councils pay out £2,250 compensation" published by the Watford Observer on 4th November 2007, Cllr Andy Wylie said:
The article is a bit misleading so here is the full story. Back in the 60's Watford acquired some homes for knocking down to build roads. ...
What Wylie fails to make clear is that:
a) Compensation has not been paid, as the article mistakenly asserts
b) The Ombudsman's report refers to "Between 2005 and 2007..." and only those years.
The finding is that both Watford Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council were guilty of "Maladministration causing injustice", and the Ombudsman's report has now been agreed by the full council. Cllr Wylie, who proposed the report to the council, now has some difficult questions to answer:
1. Why did he not take the opportunity to correct the inaccuracies in the Watford Observer article when he commented on it on 5th November 2007?

2. Why did he try to mislead readers of the Watford Observer, and the full council on 21st November 2007, by stating that the problems had occurred over 25 years, when he knew that the Ombudsman's report covered just the period 2005 to 2007?

Cllr Andy Wylie took over responsibility for the Building Services department in 2006
Local Government Ombudsman Housing Complaint Summaries
Full Report into complaints no 06/A/17783 and 07/A/00758 as adopted by Watford Borough Council
Watford Area Green Party on Council Fail to Acknowledge problems in Taxi de-limitation process

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A Fool and His Money...

The blogosphere is full of talk of lawyers at the moment. Nadine Dorries has blown a gasket, and is consulting Simon Smith at Schillings. Over at Mr Dale's, Iain is working on a massive job creation scheme for lawyers. He won't let on who he consults though. Even if the Lobster knew, he couldn't possibly tell you, because of client confidentiality.

It's made Lobster Blogster wonder if he should hire a top London lawyer too. The Lobster would go for somewhere that was handy for the tube, and with a nice bit of greenery where you can eat your sandwiches.
10 Old Square
Lincoln's Inn

Tel: (020) 7405 0758
Fax: (020) 7831 8237
Seems to fit the bill. They advertise on the net, so perhaps they are a bit short of work. Not too bad though, they were all booked up from about 9.30 am today, so maybe I'll try again another day.

By the way, does anyone know just about how much a top London lawyer would charge? I need to budget for my day out and the Travelcard will set me back £12.00 straight away.

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The Rotten Heart of Tory Blogging

Oh dear, the Lobster has been at it again!

Not only has Lobster Blogster claimed that Iain Dale is a fraudster and a hypocrite, now I've gone and called him irresponsible, and on his home patch too.

Then the Lobster decided to take on Dale's top blogging mate, Paul Staines. Staines spectacularly failed at college, then went on to create a fantasy political and financial career. It was the news that Michael White was to take on Staines, with Recess Monkey as the ringmaster that caused the Lobster to let slip his encyclopedic knowledge of Staines' career.

But isn't the real point about Dale, as he seeks the Tory nomination for the Maidstone constituency, that he has poor judgement? Dale has repeatedly heaped plaudits upon Staines, and has even co-authored a couple of books with him. But Staines proudest boast seems to be lying to the Tories at conference:
"I know this to be completely untrue because I made up this explanation at a press conference held to launch the Freedom to Party Campaign at the Conservative Party conference in October 1989."
"This, incidentally, is the most successful lie I have ever told."
You can wonder what attributes the Tories do look for when they choose their candidates, but do you really think they want someone whose proudest claim is my mate is the internet's biggest liar?

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History Repeating Itself

"The lights are going out all over Europe and I doubt we will see them go on again in our lifetime".
Sir Edward Grey, British foreign secretary, 1914

Well it's true round where I live, anyway!


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