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Panic over.

It's been quite a busy day here at Lobster Blogster. Visitors from a couple of newspapers, UK parliament, the Electoral Commission and even one from Conservative Central Office (probably wondering if Dale has mended his ways yet) all dropped in to have look. Lots of visitors. Tons more than the Lobster normally gets. But the Lobster is pleased to say that it appears that the big panic is over because Mr Cameron's trip to Norway was all declared, according to this article by the Sunday Mirror:
A TRIP to the Arctic to show how much he cared about global warming - during which his private plane belted out up to 43 tonnes of CO2. The flights came to light in the register of MPs' interests.
The Lobster has to admit he can find no trace of this in the online Register of Member's Interests, but clearly the Sunday Mirror have tracked the relevant entry down somewhere.

The Lobster can now slide happily back into obscurity, and perhaps get on and track down the rest of those blessed Flying Lion entries :-)

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Stark Staring Mad

The Tories have all gone stark staring mad, and want everyone on the blogosphere to display this poster. Lobster Blogster has no idea what it means, it doesn't even seem to be written in proper English. Oh well, if it keeps tham happy. Perhaps they will pay the Lobster some sort of commission for showing this?

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Some Light Amusement

Lobster fans may well be getting a bit bored waiting for Lobster Blogster to trawl through endless web pages in search of freebie flights. So here's a little bit of tittle-tattle strictly for your amusement only.

On 21st April 2006 David Cameron visited Norway. He travelled by private jet. Here's a picture of him sitting on the plane bragging about how he offset the carbon emissions.

And here's an extract from Mr Cameron's Register of Member's Interests from March 2006 to November 2006.
6. Overseas visits

22 March 2006, to Prague for meeting with ODS (Civic Democratic Party). Return flight provided by Flying Lion Ltd. (Registered 22 May 2006)
20 June 2006, return flight to Germany for World Cup match, provided by David Ross, a businessman from London. (Registered 21 June 2006)
28 June 2006, to Prague for meeting with ODS (Civic Democratic Party). Return flight provided by Jonathan Green, a retired businessman from London. (Registered 29 June 2006)
3-7 September 2006, official visit to India. International flights provided by Michael Spencer. Internal flights provided by Michael Spencer and JCB. Upgrade on outward flight provided by British Airways. (Accommodation provided by the Conservative Party for one night and by the British High Commissioner for two nights.) (Registered 19 September 2006)
20-21 November 2006, to Khartoum, Sudan, to investigate the humanitarian situation in Darfur. Return flight provided by Flying Lion Limited. (Registered 27 October 2006)
Can you spot anything missing? Yes that's right, Mr Cameron was so busy showing off his cuff-links, he completely forgot to do his paperwork. He may now be regretting that he had the Guardian along to record his every movement. Probably there is some entirely innocent explanation for there being no entry in the register. Perhaps he paid for the whole trip himself? Although at these prices, the Lobster doubts it. The plane alone would have cost in excess of £42,000!

HatTip: as soon as the Lobster saw this article, he knew the Flying Lion story had legs!

Update: to be fair to Mr Cameron, the Lobster's further research did find a newspaper article which said it's be been declared, nice and proper like. Not really sure why we can't all take a look at the official declaration on line though. The Lobster will try to bring this to you as soon as it comes to light.



Big Slog to Hunt Down the Flying Lion

Lobster Blogster set himself the task of identifying all the Register of Members Interests entries that refer to Flying Lion Ltd. At the time of writing, the Lobster believes there are 150 web pages to check, and one third of them have been trawled. 98 individual entries have been found, but there is some duplication which needs to be weeded out. It's all proving a bit of a slog.

Isn't it amazing what a little bit of flattery can achieve?


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Back to Basics

Lobster Blogster got back to his core mission recently, when he spotted this plea over at Tom Watson:
I’m trying to find out more about a company called Flying Lion Ltd. Do you know this company or can you point me in the right direction?
Being a dedicated, lobster focused search engine, this task was a doddle. Lobster did a quick bit of googling and came up with a whole list of references that Flying Lion Ltd run a particular Bermuda based aircraft. Tom's curiosity didn't end there and he asked:
Do you know where I might be able to confirm what the commercial cost of hiring a luxury Falcon 900 EX-42 private jet would be?
Without too much difficulty a website quoting luxury jet hire fees was located (perhaps Tom fancies jetting off somewhere for a few days, and is wondering if he can put it on expenses?). But all this did lead the Lobster to ask himself one question:

Where are all the Labour Research Assistants when you need them?

Over at Recess Monkey, the Lobster recently had to slap the wrist of Red Tamarin for copying someone else's joke about the back end of a bus. Clearly you won't get much work out of these jokers.

Then there's Kerron Cross, who when he isn't admiring his new beard, is taking photo's of his House of Commons security pass. Al Qaeda like tendencies if ever there were any.

So poor Tom Watson has to rely on passers by to do his research for him. Don't worry Tom, Lobster Blogster is here to answer your difficult questions, while your paid researchers idle their time away, and spend their time grumbling about MuffinGate.

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