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Joining the Moral Majority

In the good ole days you might expect an old style villain to mutter something like:
"It's a fair cop, guv. I'll do me bird quietly."
as the cuffs are slipped gently around his wrists. But, sadly, in these post-Thatcherite days of Essex Man and used-car salesmen posing as parliamentary candidates, the crooks just don't want to own up when they've been caught, or accept the punishment for their actions.

And so it was that I had that Iain Dale drop by Lobster Blogster last night, effing and blinding, and generally bringing the good name of the Conservative Party (for whom he is a candidate) into disrepute. As a warning to all discerning bloggers, Lobster Blogster is adding a link to the said fraudster's own blog. In this instance "Top Blog" should be read as "Top Blog to Avoid" in the Lobster Blogster hall of infamy.

Please look at for the citation: Iain Dale - Essex Fraudster and Potty Mouth - which now appears in the left-hand bit of this blog. Avoid this man at all costs, he is a convicted felon on the loose! Or as the Lobster's friends in the moral majority would say:
"Cor, lummee, what is the world comin' to?"



Evenin' All!

PCSO Lobster was on patrol across the blogosphere last night when he came across a clear case of thievery. Essex wide boy Iain Dale had posted this article about misplaced exhaust pipes, which bore a striking resemblance to Red Tamarin's offering at Recess Monkey.

After studying the evidence that monkey posted at 1.39 pm on October 24, 2007 and that gossip-monger posted at 11.26pm on October 25, 2007, PCSO Lobster swooped in to make his first ever arrest for the blatant web crime of "nicking someone else's stuff".

It didn't take much more than a flash of the hand-cuffs, truncheon, CS gas spray and Taser stun gun for Dale to be squealing like a good un', and on his home turf too.

His defence read:
That would be a tad difficult as I haven't actually looked at Recess Monkey for several weeks. However, I plead guilty to probably having received the same tip-off email. At least I slightly reworded it, which is more than he did!!
Word soon got out, and the simian knew he would soon have to squeal. His defence read:
I got it via email and then posted it on Recess Monkey, adding my own final joke. Not unlikely that Iain also got it via email and used much of the same wording.

The problem of blogging is that there is an expectation that you read every other blog in your genre/sphere constantly and therefore would know if anyone had posted a story already. I certainly don't - I don't have the time or the inclination!
Nice work PCSO Lobster, because Iain Dale and Red Tamarin have confessed in their own words to the crime of plagiarism, which as we all know is to pass of someone else's work as your own. Or in the words of www.plagiarism.org:
...plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else's work and lying about it afterward.
Two successful convictions for the price of one! Who ever said that PCSOs were a waste of time?

PS Talking of wastes of time, I wonder if anyone has spotted another little detail in convict Dale's evidence. He doesn't read the number one Lefty blog, from his own list of the Top 100 Left of Centre Blogs. If he can't be bothered to read his own recommendations, why on earth does he think the rest of us should be interested? Time to own up Dale, for the fraudster you are!


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