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Bullshitter of the Year Award

Top London Lawyers, Schillings, have just become the winners of Lobster Blogster's exclusive "Bullshitter of the Year" award.

With respect to Craig Murray's allegation that "Alisher Usmanov, potential Arsenal chairman, is a Vicious Thug, Criminal, Racketeer, Heroin Trafficker and Accused Rapist" the skillful lawyers have defended their client with this gem:
Laura Tyler, of Schillings, said they did not intend to sue Murray directly because they did not want to give him a platform to express his views.
A quick Google shows that at least 800 blogs, websites and news outlets are quoting Craig's allegations directly.

A big "Well Done!" should go to everyone involved :)

Don't Forget
We are still looking to award a prize in the "Internet Host Most Likely to Delete First and Ask Questions Later" category. Do our readers have any suggestions?


Climate Change Denier Has Raw Nerves

Whoops! Lobster Blogster seems to have hit a raw nerve with climate change denier Iain Dale. Iain takes money from APCO, but he just hates to admit it in public. See Omar's blog for a bit of background. Dale denies knowing who APCO's clients are, but Dale's famous book on blogging is, er, sponsored by APCO!

If you really want to know who APCO's clients are, you could do worse than read George Monbiot's Guardian Unlimited article "The Denial Industry".

вторник, септември 25


Creepy Lawyers Pay a Visit!

Top London lawyers Schillings dropped by to Lobster Blogster today, but they forgot to say "Hello". Creepy! Details of Schillings every movement can be found on Chicken Yoghurt.

Just in case you are interested (and who wouldn't be!), Schillings IP address is, their ISP is called Ftip002952383 Schillings Ltd, and the employee was lazily Googling to fill up the time before they filled their fat belly for lunch.

http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=potential arsenal chairman Alisher Usmanov&num=30&hl=en&safe=off&as_qdr=all&start=90&sa=N

неделя, септември 23


Onepela Legil Notis

Lobster Blogster got an urgent message from his "legal people" recently. It said:

"Gday Lobstablogsta, onepela big fat uzbecki crook bloke, Alisher Usmanov, writim long "Sue, Grabbit and Run" tripela big problem.Onepela big fat uzbecki crook bloke, Alisher Usmanov, tripela angri long lobstablogsta.Onepela big fat uzbecki crook bloke, Alisher Usmanov, writim tripela letta. Big fat uzbecki crook wantim tripela moni."
Heard and MacDonald Island legislation now requires that provocative blogs publish an e-mail address for legal notices to be served. In order to comply with these new requirements Lobster Blogster advises all potential litigants to contact:

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