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Flags Re-United

Whilst have a mooch around Wikipedia today, using the Lobster Blogster's brand new sock-puppet account of course, the lobster came across the following flag:

Clearly it is the property of an anglo-american-hindu group. By publicising this image we can all help to rehablitate the image of the swastika, the union flag and old glory, all of which have taken a bit of a battering in recent times. If you would like to see the image in situ, see here.

Thought for the day

Picture supplied by Kim, Niff's daughter.

Nascot Wood...

...Eco-Arts Project is now officially open.

Come on kids! Get painting :o)

сряда, март 21


Lobster in Trouble Again!

Oh dear! The lobster seems to be in trouble again. Now it's with Wikipedia. Lobster Blogster's efforts to update one or two bits seem to have resulted in an indefinate ban being put upon him. It seems that by linking the name Paul Delaire Staines to the BNP one or two other wikipedians see it as problematic. Never mind, worse things happen at sea.

It could well be time to go and find a safe rock to crawl under...
The rock duly arrived in the form of needing to reboot the
lobster's modem. Probably some sand or a bit of seaweed got
caught in the cogs. The problem seems to have fixed itself now,
and as a by-product the lobster gets a new IP address. So its
straight back into Wikipedia to cause more mayhem there. Has
anyone worked out who Lobster Blogster's latest wikipedia
sock-puppet is yet?

A prize for anyone who enters the correct name in the comments
below! :o)

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понеделник, март 19


The Trouble With Tony Blair Is...

... he's just so damn rude. The lobster sent him a perfectly nice letter back on the 26th Feb, it's three weeks later now, and the man hasn't even bothered to acknowledge, let alone reply. We seem to have an "oik" for Prime Minister, surrounded by hundreds of civil servants, and not one has the decency to drop the lobster a quick line to say his letter has arrived.

There, got that off my chest, now it's time to put some supper on... :o)

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