вторник, ноември 14


Crisis Needed, Please Help

In his world affairs speech to the Lord Mayor's banquet, Tony Blair said of Iran:
Instead they are using the pressure points in the region to thwart us. So they help the most extreme elements of Hamas in Palestine; Hizbollah in the Lebanon; Shia militia in Iraq. That way, they put obstacles in the path to peace, paint us, as they did over the Israel/Lebanon conflict, as the aggressors, inflame the Arab street and create political turmoil in our democratic politics.
(Lobster's emphasis)
Iran is creating political turmoil in our democratic politics? What can Mr Blair mean? The most recent political change we have seen is the overturning of the Republican majorities in the two houses of the US government. Or could he possibly mean the domestic turmoil of August and September he suffered at the hands of his Labour Party colleagues? Curious to think that this was the work of President Ahmadinejad all along.

So what political turmoil is Blair referring to? Or is he perhaps hoping for some democratic crisis to come along, to prop up his ailing legacy?

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