петък, октомври 27


Man the Lifeboats

Matthew Parris always did have a nice turn of phrase. Last week in the Times he came up with:
They are building a lifeboat for their reputations.
The good ship Neocon is going down...

четвъртък, октомври 26


Iraq: The Real Story

Want to see first hand how the US loses the support of the local Iraq population in the northern region of Iraq around Hawija and Tikrit?

Sean Smith has made an eight minute video whilst embedded recently with the 101st Airborne..

See the video here. Further commentary on the video by Greg Mitchell.

вторник, октомври 24


Jack Straw?

Jack Straw?
Am I bovvered? Am I bovvered, though? Do I look bovvered?

Trevor Phillips?
Am I bovvered, though, Look at my face, does it look bovvered, though? Look at my face. Look at my face. Look at my face, though.

Shadid Malik?
Does any part of it look bovvered? Am I bovvered? Ask me if I'm bovvered. Go on, ask me if I'm bovvered. Ask me. Ask me if I'm bovvered.

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