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Tony Blair Said Nothing

According to the BBC:
Tony Blair has confirmed that he will step down as prime minister within the next 12 months.
But what he actually said was:
The next party conference in a couple of weeks will be my last party conference as party leader...
Tony Blair has an official website which is just about as comprehensive a record of his speeches and statements as you could possibly get, but only stuff which relates to him in his role as Prime Minister. According to the 10 Downing Street website he has said precisely nothing about leaving.

Try the Latest News page, or his Statements for 2006 on the speeches page and you'll find no statement about leaving. His morning Press Briefing for September 7th does confirm he was going to visit a secondary school where the quote from the BBC's report took place, but none of the contents of that statement are included in the following morning's briefing.

The only conclusion to make is that he told us nothing about his role as Prime Minister.

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Party Conference Season

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Don't tell the UK Government, or even the International Herald Tribune who said

"... administrators at his Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs withdrew Web pages Friday after contributors instead parodied the minister's jargon-heavy speaking style and criticized Prime Minister Tony Blair's faltering record."

because when Lobster Blogster looked on Sunday some of those same defaced pages could still be found right here.

Just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers.

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