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Environment Inaction Zone

When Lobster Blogster takes a human form, he inhabits the earthly paradise of Watford.

In the area where he lives, the Liberal Bananacrat administration, made a big song and dance about setting up an Environment Action Zone.

He's what the lobster's local recycling bins looked like a year ago:

They were well used by local residents. So the council took them away. Here's what the same site looks like now.

The Environment Action Zone seems to have disappeared too. No sign of it on the council's website anymore, but I did find a mention via Google's cache. LINK BROKE

What is a lobster to do, one might ask? Don't worry, help is at hand. Watford council's adorable Mayor says "As a council, we are committed to community empowerment."

ie you can clear it up yourself.

They will even supply fluorescent safety tabards, how kind :0) LINK BROKE

Update 19 Feb 07
Just looked for Saftey Tabards at WBC, absolutely no sign. Wonder when they dropped that iniative?
Aha, here's a mention
{{cite web
| last =Hancock
| first =Sandra
| publisher =Watford Borough Council
| date =2006-09-12
| url =http://www.watford.gov.uk/search/url?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.watford.gov.uk%2Fccm%2Fcms-service%2Fdownload%2Fasset%2F%3Fasset_id%3D8415008&query=safety+tabards
| format =PDF
| accessdate = 2007-02-19 }}

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Giant Crabs Set to Invade Norway

"With the king crabs, we know that they are an enormous crab, today it's about 20 million of them in the Barents Sea. Twenty years ago there were zero."

From BBC News

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Lobster Spotted in Central London

Lobster Blogster went for a nice quiet stroll in London on Saturday. I wonder why these three gentlemen were so interested?

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