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Greetings in almost every language

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Calling All Bloggers

A mysterious organisation (organization) known only as "Hemel Hempstead Explorer Scouts" has got in touch with an emergency request of the highest importance.

Missing: two woks
Last seen: the pub in Nant Peris, Snowdonia
Return to: Dan

If anyone can help with this can they please get in touch pronto. This is exactly the sort of mission a lobster focused search engine was designed to do.

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The Tao of Andy Wylie

All around the world there are hundreds of humans called Andy Wylie. But also, mysteriously, there is only one Andy Wylie. When he speaks, the world listens.

Today, the words of Andy Wylie are:

Finding a place to park in Watford can be very frustrating.
These signs will give visitors to the town advance parking information and hopefully cut down on the delays they experience.

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Proprietor: Vincent

Will add pictures and more details later ...

No 2.

Versus Internet Cafe & Jeux
60 rue Droite,
11100 Narbonne


Amazing, Narbonne has two in the top ten.

Red Meat

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Treason and Conspiracy

I met a man in Parliament Square last week who said:

Treason is to conspire with a foreign power to wage war against another foreign power without the consent of Parliament.

From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
Conspire \Con*spire"\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Conspired; p. pr. &
vb. n. Conspiring.] [F. conspirer, L. onspirare to blow
together, harmonize, agree, plot; con- + spirare to breathe,
blow. See Spirit.]
1. To make an agreement, esp. a secret agreement, to do some
act, as to commit treason or a crime, or to do some
unlawful deed; to plot together.

They conspired against [Joseph] to slay him. --Gen.
xxxvii. 18.

You have conspired against our royal person, Joined
with an enemy proclaimed. --Shak.

2. To concur to one end; to agree.

The press, the pulpit, and the stage Conspire to
censure and expose our age. --Roscommon.

Syn: To unite; concur; complot; confederate; league.

Lobster Blogster's conspiracy theory looks like this:

Click to see larger image

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Lobster Blogster pops out to Office World

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